I currently stream every day, sometimes several times! Details of my current schedule are below, and I’ll try to keep this updated as best I can. Schedule changes will also be posted on the site. I stream between 2000 and 2300, UK time for my regular games. On Saturday, Sunday and alternate Wednesday afternoons, I’ll stream from about 1400-1800, and I’ll stream assorted smaller games, that I can finish in one or two streams. Alternatively, I might play more Elite: Dangerous or Overwatch



Remember Me brought some interesting new mechanics to things, lets your make your own combos, does some weird things with memory. The first game from the developers of Life is Strange, let’s check it out!



I’ve been following this game for a long time, and if I’m not careful, something in it is probably hungry and following me. These streams are also getting uploaded to YouTube for a more practical and bingy viewing experience.




I’ll be playing Elite: Dangerous on Wednesday evenings, doing whatever takes my fancy. There may be others coming along, but


I’m taking the day off. I need time to wear my real face.


Fridays will normally be a Twitter vote on what to play. Once we’ve played a game, it won’t appear in the next vote.

  • Conan Exiles
  • Overwatch
  • Secret World Legends
  • Stellaris
  • Vermintide


I stream twice on a Saturday, afternoon and evening.

On Saturday afternoons, I will be streaming something a little random, not something in the regular schedule. I might find a little indie game like Code 7 or Kingsway, or I might just chill in Overwatch for a bit. You’ll have to turn up to find out what it’s gonna be. Or just tell me in Discord what you want to see.

Saturday evenings will be the time for our weekly gaming talk show, Beyond Insanity. We’ll talk about the gaming news of the last week. Click the link for more information about this. Once we’ve finished, we’ll be playing party games, possibly featuring Half Dead, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Stick Fight: The Game, Move or Die, or Overwatch.



Sunday. Elite: Dangerous. That’s a thing, basically all day. Well, all afternoon. Or until I need to sleep. There will be me, possible others, doing random stuff, who knows what.

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