Conan Exiles

Welcome, Exiles!

If you are here, then you have been strung up on a cross, and left to die in the Exiled Lands. So that sucks. Fortunately, you are free (sort of), and now you can begin your rise to greatness, or your fall to Yog-meat, crocodile food, or as an offering to the one true god, Set.

I’ll keep details of the current server settings on here, though you should also be able to see these when selecting a server. If you want to connect directly, then go to the game’s launch options in Steam, and paste this in: +connect
This will tell the game to connect directly to the server on startup. Please note, that if you want to connect to a different server, you will either need to remove this, or exit to the menu once you connect.

Lastly, if anyone likes the server and the community enough to want to contribute, then Gameservers has a group pay option. If you are awesome enough to want to contribute, then click here. I’m commited to keeping 20 slots open, but if people feel that expansion is necessary, or just want to show their appreciation, then they can donate here, or with the link on the right.


Server Name: [UK] Dark Insanities

Maximum Concurrent Players: 20
Full Nudity
PvE Only – Avatars Disabled
On Death: Items are kept

Daytime: 200%
All new characters will start at 10am
Building Decay: 150%

Experience Multiplier: x2.5
Harvesting Multiplier: x2.5
Crafting Time: 80%
Gear Durability: 120%
Food Spoilage Time: 120%


If you need to get in touch for any reason, then you can do so below. Please be as specific as possible where you can.

To see your current co-ordinates, press Ctrl, Shift, Alt L, and your current location will appear in a box you can copy.


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