Schedule Changes 7/5 – 8/5 & 13/5 – 15/5

I have a couple of busy weekends ahead of me, so there will be some changes to my schedule over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 7th is The Secret Buzz big photoshoot, which I’m going to be going to. So instead of my regular stream of Shadow of Mordor, I’ll be streaming The Secret World until the shoot. Given that Sheltered is very likely to have had it’s last stream a week ago, I’ve not got anything on this Sunday, so I’m going to stream Shadow of Mordor then instead.

Friday 13th seems like a day I should be streaming something horrific, however Banewreaker will in fact be doing some artwork of not-quite-me on his live stream for a comic strip he’s doing, so I’ll be watching and hosting that instead. I’m sure the experience will suitably chill his Friday though, so not all is lost. I encourage people to go watch Bane, he’s an awesome streamer.

Saturday, I am actually off to a wedding, so I will be a little distracted, and not actually at my computer, so again, no Shadow of Mordor. However, once again, I’ll be streaming it on the Sunday.

The week after that, I’ll be back to normal again, with Shadow of Mordor on Saturdays (unless I finish it first), and a new game on Sundays.

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