Beyond Insanity

In the beginning, there was the Dark Insanity. But then, we went further. Beyond Insanity.

OK. Now we’ve got the cheesy shit out of the way. Beyond Insanity is a weekly gaming/streaming chat show on Twitch and YouTube.

We’ll be talking about all sorts of news about games, the world of games, things to do with games, and games. We’ll also cover Twitch in general, as well as YouTube and Mixer, though to a lesser degree. Also anything else that takes our interest, though we’ll at least try to keep things relevant to the topic at hand.


It will be live at about 2000BST every Saturday, normally for as long as it takes, which could easily be anything from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, or more. This will be live, there will be fuck-ups, it will be glorious. Once the show itself is finished, we’ll head into the ‘After’-Party, which will be party games, preferably featuring some level of chat interaction.


I’ll be recording the live show, and this will go up on YouTube afterwards. There may be some small edits, but this will be as unedited as possible. Due to my Twitch Affiliate Agreement, this cannot go on YouTube sooner than 24 hours after it ends. To keep this to a useful time, these will be released at 1830 on the Monday.

Patch Notes

The show notes, which I’m calling patch notes because I’m uncreative, will be published at about 1830 on the Saturday, an hour and a half before the show actually starts. This will mostly just be a list of links to articles in other places, but hopefully it will be enough for people to keep up and know what’s going on.


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