Patch Notes – 30/09/2017

Beyond Insanity

Update 1.2

Host: Auroris
Co-Host: Kle

General Something-ness

Something stupid to start off. Just watch, it’s funny. And the way her voice escalates towards the end…


In better news, the long-standing voice actors strike, running for a year or so now, has finally been ended with terms agreed. This is good. Broadly speaking, new contracts were not being signed, while existing contracts were still being fulfilled. We probably won’t know how horrifying the impact is for another year or two.

Official Statement

The Shadow of War DLC Forthog Orc-Slayer, originally a charity bundle that ignited a minor shit-storm, has been announced to be free for all.


LawBreakers, the much acclaimed game at release, that has something to do with gravity manipulation, was released on 8th August. It’s already having a free weekend on Steam.


Overwatch has released a new comic. For some strange reason, they don’t push the comics as much as the shorts, which is strange, they’re both awesome.


PUBG is being spun off from developer Bluehole into it’s own subsidiary entity, helpfully called PUBG Corp.


RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, the one, the only, the original. It’s on Steam.



Assassin’s Creed Origins is going to have a safe mode, for education, called Discovery Tour. It will be fully open world, no combat or danger. Yay


In other Assassin’s Creed news, which is just entertaining, there are some headphones currently available on the UbiStore. There are only 10 being made, they are covered in 18-carat gold, and they cost £44 000…



EVE Online has had a major battle. There was a corporation, there was betrayal. The higher you rise, the harder you fall.

More Article

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn was released. This actually happened last week, I just forgot to mention it at the time. You can now either play as the Borg, Skynet, or the machines from the Matrix. Or all the other things that were there before. Other stuff has also changed.

Patch Notes

Thargoid Hype
Enough said

To say some more, the first confirmed kill on a Thargoid was by everyone’s favourite galactic scum, CMDR Harry Potter. It took 20 minutes.

Patch Notes
How to find a Thargoid
First confirmed kill
Suicide Mission

Steam Power

Steam literally removed 173 games from the store, all at once. Basically to stop trade card farming by unscrupulous ‘developers’, who actually are nothing of the sort and have no claim to such a title at all.


Recommended Read

Loot Box Psychology

Funny Finale

Funny Steam charts are funny. I just found most of this article funny, and thought this worth mentioning.


Also, the US navy are now using Xbox controllers on their submarines. Yes, you read that right.

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