Patch Notes – 14/10/2017

Beyond Insanity

Update 1.4

Host: Auroris
Co-Host: Kle

ICYMI, otherwise known as FrExpo

Frontier Expo was held last Saturday, and the juicy information was too late to talk about in detail last week, but here are some highlights, primarily for Elite: Dangerous, because otherwise what’s the point.

  • JWE
  • First gameplay footage of Jurassic Worlds Evolution
  • Apparently a lot of people at Frontier really like dinosaurs
  • Planet Coaster
  • Lots of new rides
  • New scenery and themes and stuff
  • Picnic benches
  • Staff rooms
  • Training in person, not on their phone
  • Scenario editor
  • Elite: Dangerous 2018
  • Engineers won’t make things worse
  • You really do not want to fight system security
  • Trade data improvements
  • Wing missions
  • Assorted QoLs
  • Complete go-over of planet surfaces
  • Planets will now be more multi-coloured
  • The story continues
  • Guardians?
  • CG weapon unlocks
  • GalNet can talk!
  • Chieftain and Krait new/re-new ships
  • Alliance factional ships?
  • Squadrons: Wingmate+
  • Mining revamp
  • Exploration revamp
  • Codex of all the things

Actually This Week

Valve’s Orange Box is having it’s 10 year anniversary. That was a long time ago.

Random Article

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2 has a release date. I’ll tell you my thoughts on it next Saturday, when I stream it straight through.


The Humble Bundle is under new ownership. I for one, welcome their new IGN overlords.


Mercy is now the most popular character in Overwatch. I wonder why…


Also, Blizzard is suing a Chinese game called Heroes of Warfare


Riot’s big bosses are returning to active game development. LoL 2?


Denuvo was included free as part of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Not sure why they bothered, it’s already been cracked.


Also, fuck SoW lootboxes.


PUBG is continuing to break records on an ever-increasing scale.


Epic-Challenge level stuff in Cuphead is apparently popular based on how many copies have so far been sold. The answer is lots, by the way.


Tech Talks

Twitch are now offering Partners a way to market t-shirts directly through Amazon. They actually look pretty cool, too.


Discord now has a verified tick available for game developers. Official Discord servers only!


Recommended Reading

Are loot boxes gambling?

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