Patch Notes – 23/09/2017

Beyond Insanity

Update 1.1

Host: Auroris
Co-Host: Kle


This is a new show, this is who we are, OMFG Kle has a face bodyhorroreyebleedmakeitstop.

Also will feature basic discussion of how the show thing will work.

General Stuffs

FFXV is introducing a much asked for multiplayer mode, called FFXV: Comrades. It’s set in the dark times that are more or less skipped in the main story for reasons of plot. It’s releasing on Halloween, and I’ll hopefully be jumping in to try it out. The trailer contains spoilers for the main story.


The Witness is being released on iOS. It costs $10. The PC/Console versions cost $40.


Dontnod’s Vampyr has had to be delayed. It was due this November, but unspecified technical issues (now resolved) have caused significant delay. I’ll be playing it when it is out, and we can hope there are no more delays.


Heat Signature was all over every news site I went to for collating patch notes. It’s out now, I’ll be playing it on Saturday, might do a giveaway, don’t know.


Battle Royale

OK, so Fortnite released a Battle Royale mode recently. 100 players vs all the physics glitches you can handle.

Minor problem with this. PUBG reckon it’s a carbon copy. They may be right, or wrong. Hard to say. Epic Games, the devs on Fortnite, also make UE4, which PUBG runs off, so there was lots of collab in that sense, so maybe there’s a case?

There’s a whole bunch of articles about this, on practically any site you care to visit. I’ve linked a couple below.

PC Gamer (Followup)
Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Overwatch has a free weekend running. There’s still time to play if you watch live, if you watch this on YouTube, then RIP you.


The game is also on sale at the moment, discounted to £20, and only £10 more for the GOTY edition. This lasts a little longer, until Thursday 28th, so if you’re watching this back on YouTube, you still have time to pick up the game. I enjoy the game, though I suck at it. You’re always welcome to come hang out with me.


Of course, the biggest thing about Overwatch this week is the release of new Escort map, Junkertown. Kidding, it’s the Mercy changes. Now she’s an actual good character.

Lastly, a student of computer art in Thailand, known as RM-Parfait (probably not her real name), has created artwork that is basically full game quality, and looks awesome. This is in addition to the entire character concept, including her special abilities. There’s weapon designs, a Halloween skin, and even some concept art of a map to go with it.

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