Patch Notes – 07/10/2017

Beyond Insanity

Update 1.3

Host: Auroris
Co-Host: Kle


Divinity: Original Sin II was released 14th September. Big game. It’s new enough that I struggled to find an average game length. Seems to be around 50 hours. This video isn’t.


A dev at Riot Games (League of Legends) has basically ended their career in a fun rant against streamer loltyler1, suggested he’s going to die from cancer, and has since removed all reference to his employment at Riot from his LinkedIn profile. Out in a blaze of fail.


Stardew Valley and Oxenfree are both out on the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to dismantle your Xbox One X and void your warranty, then you can see a Master Chief on a scorpion.



Junkenstein Returns…


Someone leaked the skins. We’re OK with this.


PTR change to Mercy Ult no longer resets the cooldown on her res, but instead doubles the usable range.


Space (AKA, the bit where we squee at Elite)

Aliens are cleverer than we are, we didn’t know whether or not to kill them, now we can’t kill them, although now we can kill them again. Or something.


New alien race announced in ED. The space cats are here. This is probably going to destroy humanity. I for one welcome our new space cat overlords.


Tech Talk

Twitch. Clothing. Amazon. Totally now a thing. There goes most of my money for the next ever.

Amazon Store

Discord has finally implemented video calls for the 100%, instead of just for the special snowflakes.

Patch Notes

BattleNet has started the long road towards failing to compete against Discord.


Reading List

RPGs and Flawed Characters
The Last Will and Testament of your Steam library
Eight Great Gaming Advances

To Conclude

Lots of news about Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but most importantly, cats. (Not space cats, unfortunately)


HuniePop, the sequel.
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