So, there are a bunch of people who have done a bunch of things that make this stream even slightly functional. This is where I’m slightly nice to people.


There are a couple of people who have art-ed all over the stream.

The big wallpaper-sized logo, the entire stream frame, and all of the same for Beyond Insanity, were all designed by Mel Addams. They’re awesome, and you can check out more of their work here.

The channel logo, which also looks great, was created by Cute Milee, who also does lots of other, better art, which can be seen here.


There are a few people who do intros and outros used on this stream.

First and foremost, my Elite Dangerous streams are introduced by Resurrection Fern, performing a cover of Let It Go, from that film. It’s called Let It Burn, it’s awesome, so is she. You can find her Twitch channel here, and the song here.

My normal intro, for other games, is Arrow, by Jim Yosef. On the rare occasion that I am not hosting/raiding someone at the end of the stream, then instead I’ll be playing Fade, by Alan Walker.


My moderators are Frici, Mequiadore, Impcurious, and occasionally a Kle. They are awesome, and do lots more behind the scenes too, mostly keeping me healthy, and on track doing what I need to be doing.

Bonus shoutout to Frici, because he is more technically competent than me and makes things work.

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