My chat bot is called DarkenSanities. It has no mind, nor will of its own. It does only what it is commanded to do. Some stuff that you can do, and lots more that I can do. This page will explain all about commands that you can use in chat. The bot is PhantomBot, it’s awesome, if you are a streamer looking for a bot, then you should definitely try it out.

There are some commands where the bot will try to whisper a response to you. It will also accept whispered commands. Because of the way Twitch works, you may need to whisper the bot just hello or something before it will respond.

Please note: These commands are currently under review, and this may not be entirely up to date.


Every 10 minutes, a sacrifice of sanity is made. For your sacrifice, you are provided with tokens of your insanity. Chat regulars will sacrifice to the value 10 insanities at each offering, while subscribers will get double this. Anyone of any rank who is talking in chat will be sacrificing to the value of 15 additional insanities per offering. Please note, these sacrifices are not optional, and you will be given your compensational insanities.

To check your current level of insanity, you can type !insanity, and you will be advised of your current balance. You can also offer your insanity to another in chat. Type !gift, the name of the recipient, then the size of the gift.

You can see the people with the greatest number of points by simply typing !top in the chat. This will A: inflate your ego excessively; B: make you feel entirely insignificant; C: have no effect on you whatsoever.


DarkenSanities keeps track of how much time you have spent in chat. If you really want to know how much of your life you have sacrificed to insanity, then you can type !time to have your time in chat whispered to you.

You can see who has been in chat the longest with !toptime, and see who the saddest viewers are.

Rank & Regulars

Once you have been in chat for 30 hours, you will be considered a chat regular. This means you will be able to post links without having to ask nicely, and you will start earning points while lurking. If you want, you can set a personalised greeting that the bot will react with when it first notices you joining chat. Use !welcome, followed by your desired welcome message. To remove this, use !unwelcome.

You will also start gaining rank, based on your total time in chat. You can see your rank, and the time until your next rank, by typing !rank in chat. If you somehow stick around for 200 hours, you will be able to set your own personalised rank by typing !rankme, followed by your desired title. If you want to change it, use the command again. To return to the default, use !rerank.


In the event of my death, there are three commands that you can pick from to celebrate the happy event. You can use !corpsified, !murderised or !snuggle to express your appreciation. If you’re not sure which one you want to use, then you can just use !rekt instead.


If you want to take the ultimate risk, you can with !roulette, and take the risk of being permanently banned from the stream for the next 90 seconds.

Game-Specific Commands

I have several commands set up for specific games. These commands will only work when the game is set correctly. You can use !talisman, !conan, !overwatch and !notes for the relative games, or for Beyond Insanity.

Other Commands

Below is a list of the other general fun commands that everyone can use. These may have a cost of insanities and a cooldown associated with them.



!kill – Can be used alone, or with someone else’s name. If targeting someone else, this may backfire.

!quote – Can be used alone for a random quote, or with a quote number to get the specific quote.


!tacklehug – Can be used by targeting a specific person, otherwise will target a random person in chat.


!misery – This can take a specified number, or will take a random percentage.

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