Moderating Chat

There are assorted commands available exclusively to chat moderators.

Broadcasters: Auroris (as DarkInsanities)
Moderators: Frici, KleTheTemplar, Mequiadore

The below commands and information is specifically for you guys to know. Some will obviously be fairly well known, but whatever. Please don’t throw this page around and give it to everyone.

If there is anything apparently missing from this, then first check the public commands page to see if it’s there.


Viewers will get a rank based on how long they have been in chat. This will be attached to their name whenever their name gets called in chat, with the exception of custom commands incorporating a username, and quotes, where I have arranged for a specific exclusion. The list below shows how many hours are needed before your title updates.

  • 15 Hours: As Sane As The Next Guy
  • 30 Hours: The Next Guy
  • 45 Hours: Did I Really Just See That?
  • 60 Hours: DID THAT JUST MOVE!?
  • 90 Hours: Straight through saniTy aNd out the OthEr siDe
  • 105 Hours: Staring into empty…
  • 120 Hours: It climbs into your mind…
  • 135 Hours: It sits in your soul…
  • 150 Hours: It wears your smile…


!addcom [command name] [command text]

!editcom [command name] [new command text]


!aliascom [command name] [alias]

!delalias [alias name]

When creating a custom command, there are several special commands you can use, listed below.

(sender) This adds the name of the person who runs the command.

(touser) This adds the text placed directly after the command. For example, the !kill command will add the name of the person you place afterwards into the command and kill them.

(count) This will include the number of times this command has been run.

(random) This chooses a random person currently in the channel and adds their name here.


Aside from Twitch’s build in moderation tools, there are a few more things that you can do with the bot for moderation.

!blacklist add [word]

!whitelist add [link]

!permit [username] – The user will have 60 seconds to post a single link in chat.


Feel free to add quotes, preferably the particularly funny or memorable quotes, obviously. When adding quotes, add the date at the end of the quote, in the style of – dd/mm/yy. Also make sure the name of the game is right, which it should be if I remembered to set the stream game properly. Also make sure it is attributed to the right person, so it displays properly.

!addquote [username] [quote text]

!editquote [quote number] See below

user [username]

game [game name]

quote [quote text]

!delquote [quote number] Administrator


The bot actually has a chat based death counter. Given that I use an oncscreen one that’s always there, I’ve repurposed the messages and commands to use it as a fail count in the game. All mods can increase the count, only administrators can decrease, reset or set it.

!fail +/add/incr


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