A long post that I should probably split into two.

The title says it all. There’s quite a lot to say. Some of it is a bit of a squee thing, some of it is proper stuff.

OK, so I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way first.

I’m changing up my schedule a bit.

I’ve decided to take a little bit more time off. Which is to say, any time off. I’ve decided I’m taking Thursday evenings off, and those Wednesdays that I’m at home, I’m not gonna be doing a regular streams in the afternoons either. I’ll still be streaming stuff in the evening.

So, approximately, my stream schedule as it stands now is below. I’ll update the official schedule page if I ever remember.

Mondays: Hollow Knight
Tuesdays: The Witcher 2
Wednesdays: Midweek Multiplay
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Twitter Vote
Saturday Afternoon: Random Stuff
Saturday Evening: Beyond Insanity
Sunday All Day: Elite Dangerous

That’s a thing.

OK. Now for the other bit.

I was accepted into The Sovereignty at the end of November. I was sort of having a bit of a downer at the time. Not about streaming, but I was feeling very very meh about things.

Since I joined them, I’ve gained something like 50 followers, a whole bunch of new regular visitors and viewers, numerous new friends, a reason and motivation to keep playing a game I really love.

I have been streaming for about 27 months at this point, and sometimes I feel a little meh about the whole thing. The Sovereignty basically got rid of all those feelings.

So thanks.

Also, this:

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