A streamer’s guide to this week’s blog post

So there are a couple of things I [want/need/feel like/going to because I can] talk about today. (Please note: Some talking may or may not be bullshit.)

Step 1 – The Sims 3

I’ve been a little dissatisfied with The Sims 3 for a while. Not the game itself, it’s gloriously addictive, as my recorded playtime will indicate; but the game is constantly freezing for 30-60 seconds at a time. Playing with myself, I can accept this, but not so much when I’m streaming.

Now I know that my viewers are awesome, and also incidentally don’t mind when this happens all that much. Which is nice, and fine, and I am eternally surprised that you find me interesting enough to come and watch regardless of what I’m playing.

However, this isn’t about what you think, it’s about what I think.
I have certain standards. I mean, they’re not that high, look at me. But if I’m streaming something, I want to be able to stream something that isn’t choppy and bugged and un-optimised and freezing every few minutes.

It’s not necessarily gone forever, maybe it’ll return for the occasional afternoon stream, and I’m certainly not deleting my save files. But for now, it will be leaving the schedule.

Step 2 – Homeworld

Strange though this may seem to some people, given how much I like space games, I have never played any of the Homeworld games. I will pause here for your sounds of shock.


It’s a game I’ve heard quite a lot about. I’m told that for it’s time, it was phenomenal, and that it holds up wonderfully now. I’m looking forward to it.

Step 3 – Beyond Insanity

So, the first thing of Beyond Insanity was last week, I think it went well, there were some teething troubles, but that is inevitable. I really, really do want feedback on things. This includes thoughts on the design and setup and stuff, as well as ideas around content and order of things and stuff and a monkey.

My bad ideas extend to calling each show an ‘update’ and the notes I release are ‘patch notes’. Because I am terribad.

If you want to submit feedback and stuff, then you are always welcome to do so. There is a contact form on this page, or you can email directly at talkbeyond@darkinsanities.com. Alternatively, just poke me on Discord.

Step 4 – Thinking is Hard

If you have things you want to see my thoughts on here, please do let me know. I have vague ideas on stuff like auto-host or manual host; as well as what is most important, viewers, followers, subs, chatters or whatever.

I always need inspiration though, so please think at me.

Step 5 – Stopping this so I can go play more Elite: Dangerous

Thanks for reading! As always, please let me know your thoughts however is most convenient for you. Have a good week, and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the next live update of Beyond Insanity!

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