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OK, so there’s a whole lot of stuff changing or happening in the near future. There’ll be some time away, and a schedule change. Also, a thing about subscribers.

First of all, from the 15th to the 19th September, I’m gonna be on holiday. Will be taking my phone (obvious statement is painfully obvious in the extreme?), but there won’t be any streams in that time. FEAR NOT! I have scheduled videos for all of those days on YouTube. They’re basically just Overwatch highlights, but it will be something. There might be a stream on the Tuesday evening, but I’m not sure what time I’ll be getting home, so we’ll have to wait and see.

OK, next up, subscribers. Twitch is having a month of Subtember. What this means: If you are subscribing to a channel for the very first time, or else have not been subscribed for at least 32 days, then you can subscribe at half price for the first month! This applies to all tiers of subscription, $4.99 through to $24.99! Basically, these will cost you $2.49 up to $12.49. Note, that price will only apply to the first month, and subsequent months will be charged at full price. Why is this awesome? The entire price different is coming out of Twitch’s cut. Streamers are getting their full cut!

If you want to subscribe to someone, preferably me (obviously), then this is the month to do it. This is per channel, not for all of Twitch, so show your favourite Partnered or Affiliated streamers some love. There are more details here.

OK, lastly, schedule changes. As you might be aware, this weekend will be my last regular stream of Darkest Dungeon. However, fear not! The Sunday afternoon stream will still be here. Once I return from holiday, the stream will be seeing the return of a game I haven’t played in over a year.

We’re back in the black, unexplored frontiers of space. Except that I’m a scrub, so won’t be going outside the bubble for a good long while, I expect.

This covers it for this week, thanks to everyone who comes to watch, everyone who follows, everyone who hosts, donates, cheers, subs, or otherwise is involved in what is basically everything that means anything to me.

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