And for the grand total…

This would normally be a subscriber only post, but given it’s about the whole charity thing we just did this weekend, this is for everyone.

So, we managed to raise about £100 over the weekend of fund raising, which makes me happy. I say about because some stuff came through in dollars and there’s a thing with exchange rates. I’ll be getting that all sent across as soon as I can.

Obviously, I’d have liked to raise more, but then again, I could also have raised less, so anything and everything is appreciated.

I might have liked more, but the fact that anyone makes the effort to turn up and watch my streams in the first place is a source of constant amazement to me, and that people are willing to donate to a good cause through me is just icing on the cake. (This is a bad metaphor, because the icing is the best part, and the best part is the viewers, donating or not.)

Thank you to everyone, donator, subscriber, viewer, anyone!

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