Changing up the schedule a little bit!

Alrighty folks! This week’s post is gonna be a little bit of a schedule update. Things they are a-changing!

PS: Sorry this is late. I blame overtime and talking to minions on Discord.

OK, so I’m basically just gonna review the week’s current layout, and discuss changes as they go.


Monday is currently The Sims 3, and it’s gonna stay that way. It’s a fun, relaxing stream, there are people hanging about in chat, and weird, random shit. Depending on other things, I might move this to a different day, possibly Friday, when I really need to relax after a long week at work. For now though, it’s staying on Mondays.


Tuesdays are currently for Watch_Dogs 2. I’m moderately close to the end of this now, so I’m not sure how much longer it will be a thing, but there is some DLC that I can’t afford, so I may return to this another time when I can actually afford the additional content. Once I’ve completed this, I’m planning to play an old PS2 game called Dark Cloud!


Wednesday evenings are currently for Nier: Automata. This game is awesome. I happen to know that there are three complete playthroughs of this game. I’m somewhere in the middle of the first one. This will be for a while.

Wednesday afternoons are still every fortnight, so I don’t stream anything regular there, but random stuff will happen.


Thursdays are for Witcher. Maybe I should move this to Wednesday for Witcher Wednesday? Let me know if that’s a stupid idea. I’m only on chapter 2 of the first game. Witcher is gonna be around for a while.


Conan Exiles is currently a Friday game. Stuff is happening. Stuff will continue to happen. As mentioned earlier, it’s possible that I’ll move this so that Sims can be on Friday, though I could also have a party night on this night too.


As of right now, I’m streaming DOOM on Saturday afternoons. There will be death.

Saturday evenings, I’m gonna be taking a little break from Kingdom Hearts. There’s plenty of decades before KH3 is out, no need to hurry. I’m instead going to be bringing back Party Night! There will be Half Dead, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Move or Die, Cards Against Humanity and other random stuff!


The afternoons are going to be still relaxed, random streams, with weird stuff.

Evenings are, for the moment, Secret World Legends. Subscribers will have read about my opinions on this (subscribe pls pls i’m begging you), but for now, I’m continuing to stream it.

That pretty much covers things for this week. Thanks for reading. There was something I was going to add here, but I’ve completely forgotten what it was going to be.

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