Charity Schedule and Subscriptions

Good evening everyone. A few things today. I’m gonna talk a little bit about the schedule for this weekend, and I’m gonna talk about Twitch releasing subscriptions to affiliates too.

So, this weekend, in case you missed it, I’m spending three days worth of streams, 17 hours in all, raising money for Diabetes UK. Every new subscriber, every cheer, every donation, it will all go straight to them. (In the case of subscriptions, this will be at the value subbed, not the value I receive.) If you want to see my original post about this, including my story of last year, then click here.

So, the schedule for the weekend will be as follows. All times are BST.

Saturday Afternoon – 1400-1800
Talisman – Featuring guests! At the time of writing, I have three slots left if people want to join. Just let me know.

Saturday Evening – 2000-2300
Fun & Party games! – We’ll be playing games like Ultimate Chicken Horse, Move or Die, We Need To Go Deeper and Halfdead! Most of these include Twitch chat interaction, so even if you’re not playing, you’ll be able to play us.

Sunday Afternoon – 1400-1800
Secret World Legends – We’ll be wandering through Secret World Legends, probably get killed a bit, probably kill a bit. Stuff will happen.

Sunday Evening – 2000-2300
Jackbox Party – We’ll be playing Jackbox games all evening, so drop in, drop out, chillax, get your phones at the ready!

Monday Evening – 2000-2300
Overwatch – A nice, calm, relaxing game of repeated death and murder and yelling into the microphone!

If people want to donate, then there are several ways you can do this.

  • Subscribe – You can subscribe either through Twitch or through GameWisp. The Twitch sub button will be right on the page, and you can subscribe to any tier you want. If you have Amazon Prime, then you can use a Prime subscription, which counts for $5. Alternatively, you can subscribe through GameWisp. If you’re subscribing, this month will go to Diabetes UK, but if you chose to keep subscribing, then that would be extremely awesome of you. If you’re unsure of whether to use Twitch subs or GameWisp subs, then the second half of this post will be talking about subscriptions.
  • Cheer – You can cheer directly through Twitch chat. Next to the emote button is a button that will let you buy bits. You can then use these in any enabled chat by simply typing cheer100, or any number you like, and that will go straight to the streamer.
  • Donations – You can send me a one time, direct donation. I run these through StreamLabs, and you can find the link here. You can also include a message to me that will appear on the stream for all to see!

However you chose to donate, you are totally awesome.

OK. Now for part 2 of this post. Twitch recently introduced subscriptions for affiliate streamers. They only gave us about 23 hours notice, so there wasn’t much time to work out how we were going to integrate this. As you may know, I already run stream subscriptions through GameWisp. I’m still undecided as to how I’m going to move forward with this, and GameWisp themselves haven’t decided what they’re doing, so for the time being, I’m not changing anything. I’ve put a little thing below so that you can see all the things.

Tier 1

$5 a month, also includes Twitch Prime subscriptions. Twitch takes $2.50 from each of these subs, leaving me with $2.49. I get the same amount for Prime subs. GameWisp takes $1 from this level, plus payment processing fees, which gives me around $3.70.

Tier 2

$10 a month. Twitch takes 50% again, leaving me with the other half. (Partners get a 60/40 split in their favour.) GameWisp takes $2 plus processing, which leaves me with just under $8.

Tier 3

$25 a month. Twitch is still taking 50%. You’ll notice a trend here. GameWisp is taking only $3 plus processing, so I get over $20 for these!

The main differences are in the subs. Twitch gives you direct access to Twitch emotes, and while GameWisp has a similar system, it relies on addons and stuff. Twitch’s stuff is integrated.

For now, I’m not changing anything. I’m still talking to others in the same position, and GameWisp are still unsure what they’re doing. I’ll be sure to let people know what is happening.

Thanks for reading, let me know thoughts in the comments!

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