Follow Friday – Sunday Edition

So, I’ve been asked a few times now: Who should I be watching? I sometimes do the whole #FollowFriday thing on Twitter. I normally forget. But I thought that I should actually write a bit of a list. This is it. I apologise for the significantly wall-like wall of text.

Now, in advance, I know that I am going to miss at least one person who properly deserves to be on this list. When that inevitably happens, please tell me, I’ll try to come back to this and update it, or perhaps do a part 2 at some point, or something. Alternatively tell Frici, who will repeatedly bully me until I remember for long enough to do something about it.

Also, this isn’t everyone that I follow, these are people that do something particularly awesome, special or unique. If you are not on this list, you’re not boring or anything… I’m going to stop trying to apologise now, I’m guaranteed to offend someone. This is who I was thinking of when I wrote this list.

In no particularly alphabetical order…

Banewreaker – Bane is on this list because he knows horror. It’s possible that there is a horror game that he doesn’t own (in its original format), but he’s probably played it. If you want a knowledgeable, reliable opinion on a horror game, then ask him. His favourite game is AMY. On top of all of this, he is also an awesome artist, and does some regular art streams, having actually worked in the industry, and knows tons about art and stuff too.

Bognogus – Bognogus is a space mustache. The human it is limpeted onto streams primarily Elite Dangerous, however has been occasionally spotted in other games. More importantly, he runs the politics for the Sovereignty player group in Elite, and is spectacularly knowledgeable about how all of that stuff works. When we rule the galaxy, it’s mostly going to be his fault. On top of that, he is one of the nicest people I know on Twitch. Which is fairly impressive, but Bog is so nice he makes me want to be a worse person to correct a potentially fatal cosmic imbalance.
Note: I use the American ruination of our language when spelling moustache because the human being infested was originally American. Normal service with the proper form of the language will be resumed forthwith.

Daebol – Daebol is an extremely funny person, whose streams I mostly miss, but the main reason he’s on this list is because he understands Twitch as a thing better than anyone I know, anywhere. Even if you can’t watch his streams, you should definitely follow him on Twitter. There will either be memes or gold. Possibly golden memes, it’s hard to tell. Oh, also a luchadore mask.

DJTruthsayer – DJ is the head of one of my stream teams, the Sovereignty, and its wider player group in Elite Dangerous. DJ’s streams are not for gameplay, and they are not for a nice quiet relax. They are for 10-20 people in a Teamspeak server talking about everything the game is. There can be anything from a discussion of the formation of the Federation and the Empire, why all three superpowers are bad, why griefers aren’t actually griefers (sometimes), and a detailed analysis of upcoming patch notes. Plus, interviews with David Braben, who is awesome in his own right. On top of all this, he does brilliant stuff for charity, and I’m not sure the WordPress character limit will let me cover all of the awesome he’s done there. It’s literally tens of thousands of generic currency units, all driven by him.
Note: David Braben leads Frontier, who make Elite, basically wrote the original (with help), and is a co-founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation.

FOG – This is a bit of a cheat. The Front for Organised Gaming is a group of people, all with channels. I’ve put them together, because they’re all here for the same reason. Between them, their knowledge of tabletop gaming puts to shame that of any other three people I could name. Which probably just means that I don’t know the right people. But seriously, they know all the things. Any one of them has probably forgotten more about tabletop than I have ever known. They are all also pretty knowledgeable about Elite Dangerous, but tabletop is where they shine. They regularly have stuff running on their channels for it, and are always happy to help explain what’s going on.

Frici – Frici is on this list because he makes all my stuff work, and if I don’t it might all break. Also, he plays Elite Dangerous (almost a requirement for this list, it seems). However, the main reason he’s on this list is because of his knowledge with Voice Attack and the HCS Voicepacks. For those who don’t know, these basically let you control your computer (and spaceship) with your voice, and have it talk back to you. As far as I’m aware, he owns all of them, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think he uses them to control everything down to the temperature of the water in the house. He particularly likes it if you spell his name “Frici_”

Malic_VR – I’m not saying that Malic is the best VR streamer on Twitch, but Malic is the best VR streamer on Twitch. He plays Elite Dangerous (surprised, anyone?), and he knows how it’s meant to be played. It helps that he has professional training as a helicopter pilot, to be fair. Is that cheating? Him going canyon running is just awesome, nobody does it better. Even better, there is nobody I know who can explain the actual mechanics of the game better, and he will interrupt what he was doing to demonstrate what he’s saying. Plus he has a whiteboard for even more detail. He’s really friendly to everyone but he does have an emote dedicated to mispronouncing names, so he’s not quite perfect.

  • A quick note here, now I’ve mentioned all three. Between them, Bognogus, DJTruthsayer and Malic know everything there is to know about Elite short of working for the developers. If one of them doesn’t know, they will know who to ask, they will ask, and they will get the answer for you. Where is Raxxla?

TrashPandaMidna – Midna plays all sorts of things. Does she stream Elite? On this list? Of course she does. That’s also not why she’s here. Midna is an actual, real life proper quantum physicist, which makes her probably the most intelligent person I know. (I wanted to do that job once.) Most weeks, she does a Science Sunday stream, talking about all the science stuff. They’ve gone planet hunting live on stream, and found stuff. She’s one of those answering questions people, who answers the questions.

OK. That’s my list for now. I know I’ve missed people, I will probably do another list or update this list or something, but that’s it for now.

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