Generic 2017 is over post

OK. So it’s the last day of the year. This is a post about this being the end of the year.

So, it’s been a pretty good year for me on Twitch. Mostly as a result of awesomeness from other people.

Due to one person’s donation, I was able to get a PS4, and play some of my favourite games of all time. As one example of how awesome people are.

Then Twitch introduced it’s Affiliate program, and because people are awesome enough to turn up and watch on a regular basis (god knows why) I qualified for that.

Since Affiliates got subscriptions, I’ve had several people who regularly re-sub to me. I know it’s probably cliched, but I really am surprised that people like what I do enough to sub. You guys/girls/xenomorphs/thargoids are amazingly awesome, and continue to be amazing and surprising.

Then, in November, I was accepted into not one, but two Twitch teams. Both TwitchStarsTV and The Sovereignty were kind enough to accept me, and both of those communities have been very welcoming. They are genuinely awesome people, so you should go and check them out if you’re looking for someone to watch.

PS: Thank you to my moderators for always being good at moderating unless Kle is asleep.

To look forward to 2018 a bit, there are some things.

Channel-wise, I’m approaching 300 followers, but I’d love to hit 500 by maybe the middle of next year? If I’m really lucky, then maybe 750 by this time next year. The long, steady trek towards a Twitch partnership. One day maybe. The most important thing to me though is chatters. I’m not really all that interested in follower numbers or sub counts. I love talking to people in my chat, more than all of that. So hopefully we’ll get more regulars in the channel so that I have people to talk to during streams.

I am looking to upgrade/replace some parts of my setup. I’m planning to buy a new keyboard soon, using Christmas money and some Twitch payout money, so hopefully that will happen fairly soon. I’m also looking to basically do a complete replacement and upgrade of my current microphone setup, so there’ll probably be a donation goal bar somewhere starting next year. Lastly, I’m hoping to get a new chair, as this one is a little bit broken, but that’s a later goal. Maybe if I reach my audio target.

On a slightly more real world note, I’m really hoping to be able to go to some stuff this coming year, most especially Fantasticon and Frontier Expo (if it happens). So maybe I’ll ask for some help with that, if I need to. But yeah. Those would be cool.

OK. Now for the messy bit.

Sometimes I remember to do a #FollowFriday on Twitter. This is going to be a #Follow2017. I know I’m going to miss at least one person, but I’m going to try and include a list of everyone I’ve discovered this year, or who I knew but have started streaming regularly, or who is just so awesome you should be following them anyway.

They are all awesome and worth watching. A follow is free, and staying around to watch for a while costs only a little time.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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