Halloween Issues

As I covered in the last post, Secret World Legends has now released it’s Halloween content. Needless to say, it has met with mixed reactions. While I’ve already gone over the practical aspects of releasing multiple events I’d like to take a look at the loot that’s been made available and why it may be leaving some older players a little underwhelmed.

To start with this isn’t a complaint about the lack of items available. On the contrary, it appears that all previous Halloween clothing and items are obtainable by completing the missions and logging in daily. Where we encounter an issue is with older players. Since Funcom has offered The Secret World players not one but two clothing transfers, it means that many people who have taken advantage of this will find that they can’t use many of the rewards. A Guiest Rider and Tattie Bogle pet are being given away simply for logging in and yet for many people, these rewards will simply end up being deleted.

So how do you solve a problem like this? The honest answer? It isn’t really possible without leaving someone annoyed. If the exchange hadn’t been done people would have hit the roof because they no longer had access to the items they’d earned in TSW. Allowing it means that the value of the Halloween items is significantly less for older players. In an ideal scenario, we would see a new batch of clothes (other than the outfit available from the Cache) but that would take away from other important development work.

Unfortunately, Funcom has taken the best decision. It may not make me feel better when I’m getting a bunch of items I can’t use, but I understand why they’ve decided to do what they have.

Do you agree? Or do you think there was a better way to reward existing players? Let us know in the comments below.

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