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OK, so I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with points in my channel. I had them on, then I wiped them and had them on again but with many less, then I turned them off completely. Now I sort of want to turn them back on again. I have a few thoughts about this, but I’m not sure what approach to take.

So, the first thing I’ve definitely decided is that you’re gonna have to be a regular or higher in chat before you get any points at all. (Ranks go: Viewer < Regular < Donator < Subscriber < Moderator < Me) Subscribers are likely to get more points and so on, but whatever.

There are two ways I could really do points. I could have something like a point a minute, which tends to lead to people having lots and lots of points; or I could have a point every 15 minutes or so, which leaves people with not that much at all.

I could wipe the whole points table every month, so that people start each month with nothing, and have to work their way up, or I could just leave it, which inevitably leads to people having massive point balances.

On a related note, I’ll probably edit how many hours you have to be in chat to be considered a regular. At the moment, it’s 30 hours. which is about a week, if you watch all of every stream. I could up that a bit, or down it a bit. A week might be about right though, so maybe I should just leave it as it is?

I really do need feedback on this, because it’s quite a hard thing to get right.

On a different note, I still need ideas for what I should call the weekly talk show we’ll be starting in September. I have a list of things so far, but I’d like many more ideas before I put it to a vote. Comments and ideas are totally a thing and welcome!

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