The road to 7000000000 (not adjusted for recent population changes)

It’s been about 18 months since I started this channel. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to insincerely apologise for this time. However, apparently 200 people have now turned up and were not immediately sectioned. That came later.

Also, points are coming back to the channel.

OK. So first of all, we hit 200 followers! All the yayHPYEwhooyeahpsychedwearethechampions!

I would actually like to properly thank everyone who has followed the channel. I’ve said it before, but if I could make a living from streaming and do it as a job, I would in a heartbeat. Followers are important for that. People who come to watch are even better, but everyone is important and welcome and thanked. Even Kle.

I’d sort have liked to have been a bigger channel than this by now. I see people who have been streaming about as long as me, who are much bigger channels than me. I’m holding nothing against them, but I admit, I feel a little jealous. 😀 WTB non-bought-actually-earned-follows-so-this-isn’t-actually-a-WTB…

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the follows, thanks especially for those who subscribe. More people should totally do that. Subscriber emotes are coming, but there’s gonna be a delay while we get some unique and cool stuff designed.

To celebrate, for those who come along to Saturday’s party night stream, I’ll be running a couple of giveaways in chat for some games I have. (You will need a Steam account to receive this.) Be sure to turn up and watch. We’ll also try to make sure we’re playing chat interactive games, so that you’ll be able to take part beyond just watching and raffling. I hope to see you there!

I’m not really one for sequential follower goals, and people saying ‘Road to ####’ in their stream titles is thoroughly irritating to me. I just want all the followers, hence my stated aim of about 7 billion followers. Having said that, I really want to keep growing the channel so that I’m not talking to myself every other stream. I do enough of that when I’m not live.

In other news, I’m bringing points back to the channel. Channel regulars and above will get a steady flow of points any time they are in the channel. People who chat, of any rank, will also get points. Along with this, I’ll be re-introducing assorted games and stuff in the chat. Some of these will carry over into Discord, and you’ll be able to link your two accounts together so that DarkenSanities knows who you are, letting you carry some stuff across.

All of this is of course entirely optional, but it’s there for people who want it. I’ve decided that points are going to reset at the beginning of every month, so people won’t get to build up massive reserves of points (just ask Frici about his total time in chat).

As ever, I welcome and appreciate your feedback on all the things, so let me know what you think on Discord or Twitter, or in the comments.

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