Schedule updates, talk shows, thoughts on multiplayer

Lot of things happening recently. There is news all around. Let’s get started.

Firstly, and possibly the most exciting, at least for me! Tomorrow evening will be the first ever episode (I’m still not sure about episode, but I’ll go with it) of Beyond Insanity.

For those who don’t already know, this will be a talk show every week, talking about gaming news, streaming news (Twitch etc, not channel specific), and anything else that takes the interest of me or guests. Episodes will be recorded and released onto YouTube the following Monday. (This is to allow for content exclusivity in the Twitch Affiliate agreement.

Show notes will be posted at 18:30 UK time every Saturday, and the show itself will start at about 20:00, to be followed stuff for the after-party, most likely party or stream participation games.

I hope to see you come along for bullshit and chill, which is how most of these will likely go.

Next up, a specific schedule change. I completed Nier: Automata on Wednesday. 5 times to be precise. In any case, I will now be dedicating my Wednesdays to the FOG Midweek Multiplays.

FOG, for those who don’t know, is a group of persons who are primarily comprised of HinTFishy, Nitebytes and Druttercup, but also their friends (and me). There will be a variety of games played, often including Talisman, but also other things.

These streams normally start about an hour earlier than my normal streams, at about 7pm, though exact details will vary from week to week. Stay tuned to Twitter and Discord for all the details.

Moving on, this is a bit more of a thinky random thoughts thing. I’ve been thinking about changing the type of games I play a little more.

I’ve noticed that the streams we tend to enjoy the most are normally the group streams, stuff like Overwatch, Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends and Elite: Dangerous. While the single player games are still definitely interesting, and fun to play, I feel that there is more stream engagement when I play the group games.

I’m still thinking about how to do this, and I am definitely open to comment and suggestion, but my current thinking is to move more towards these group games, playing with others.

I’m not going to abandon any of the games I already have running. I very definitely want to play through the Witcher series, and I’ve never completed Dark Cloud before, so that’s a thing.

I’m also not going to say I’m never playing any single player games in the future. Fuck no. There are lots of cool games I need to play, such as Vampyr.

But when I’m looking about for games to play, I think I’m likely to bias towards multiplayer stuff. This would be a pretty significant change in approach, so I definitely want to hear your thoughts on this before things.

Hope to see you all soon in the chat of the stream and the thing and the [insert generic other words here].

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