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So, a few things this week. Yay, I managed to scrape together something to say!

I am very privileged to have been accepted into the TwitchStarsTV team. This team was started by TheCommander (formerly CMDRHughMann), and there are a lot of awesome streamers there. You’ll see their logo on my screen at several times, and when I’m not live, they’ll be on my auto-host list. So that’s a thing. There are many awesome streamers on the team, so go check them out if you’re looking for someone to watch, just click the image to go to the team page and check them out.

In other news, I’ve decided that as of the beginning of next month, I’m going to be moving Secret World Legends to Fridays, with Conan Exiles, and we’ll be doing one or the other generally, depending on what we want to do.

I’m still taking part in the Talisman tournament thing, so there may still be streams getting swapped out for that, or skipped altogether, for stuff.

Lastly, we’ve now done 8 episodes of Beyond Insanity. I really want to hear what you guys think, so please do leave me feedback on anything and everything about it. Do I talk too much? Does Kle talk too much? Do we need more guests? Who needs to be our guests? Other stuff.

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