Thought Harvesting

I’ve been wondering for a while about party nights. When there are quite a few people in chat, they’re great fun, there’s maximum carnage and chaos. When there isn’t that many people in chat, it’s sort of a little boring as hell, which is a downward spiral in and of itself.

So, I’ve been thinking. Do I start begging people to participate? Do I cry myself to sleep every Saturday night? (OK, early Sunday morning) Or I could just stop them and do something else? But what do I do? Overwatch, I guess. The length of Beyond Insanity is unpredictable, so anything that is likely to take a long time causes problems. So maybe just show then Overwatch? Or Elite, but things can take a long time there, so what else? Or should I just have a short stream on Saturdays and go host one of many awesome streamers out there?

I need thoughts of peoples. Peoples! Give me your thoughts!

On that note, you can get hold of me to give me thoughts in a variety of ways. You can comment here, poke me on Twitter @DarkInsanities, or reach me on my Discord server. So yeah. Do that.

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  1. I’d say play it by ear. Some weeks have more people watching than others. Have OW as a backup and aim for a party stream if there are enough potential players.

  2. I agree with Kle here.
    You should have OW as a backup game since the matches are relatively quick and from then on gauge interest on a case by case basis.