A Hell of a Cache

The launch of Secret World Legends has not gone as smoothly as expected (although it has been better than some previous attempts). Between various exploits, unforeseen extended downtimes and a number of players banned for XP farming things could have gone much better.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when the latest patch (2.0.3) introduced a brand new dropbox. No longer does the Agarthan Cache drop (although you can still get them from the AH and other players) instead you’ll get an Infernal Cache. This hell themed dropbox has brand new items including a new pet, outfit, weapons and sprint.

The most recent dev stream (which you can find here) reassured players that the short turnaround time was intended. Future caches will rotate on a 4 to 5 weekly basis. It’s uncertain about whether older caches will make a return but this is bound to see players farming caches and the prices for old caches increasing as they become rarer.

In other news, SWL was released on Steam on Monday the 31st. A lot of work was put into the accounts side of the system prior to launch to allow people to play using the service they preferred. People who have been playing SWL and want to switch to the Steam version have a variety of options open to them.

  • If your TSW account was originally from Steam then you won’t need to do anything and can just download the Steam version.
  • If you want to play using Steam but haven’t before you’ll be able to convert via your account page.
  • If you had a Steam account in TSW but don’t want to keep using Steam you can convert to a Funcom account using your account page.

All conversions are a one-way process and will be available when the game goes live on Steam. It’s worth noting that the Steam client and the Funcom client are different, although they both connect to the same servers. It will be interesting to see how Steam impacts the existing player base. With so many bugs still unaddressed it could lead to a shock for Funcom when the reviews come in.

The Steam community won’t be the only thing giving players something to occupy their time. From the first of August, The Whispering Tide makes a return (or for SWL its first appearance). It promises to have two weeks of content aimed at driving back the Filth in Agartha. With unique rewards and Tokyo on the horizon, it will need all hands on deck to turn the tide. If you’re new to the game (or haven’t progressed very far yet) you’ll be pleased to know that all players who need it will get an equal footing buff when entering Agartha. This will give everyone a fair chance to compete for the rewards on offer.

Next week we’ll be looking at the reaction from the Steam crowd and rounding up any news that comes along. In the meantime have fun and stay safe in Secret World Legends.

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