Banners, Boxes and a Big Update

It seems Funcom has been working on more than just the relaunch of Secret World and Conan. They decided to announce their shiny new logo last Thursday. As you can see below it contains an image of a person against a white flag. The flag looks pretty ragged and the investor presentation (the first one done via twitch which can be found here) explained that the face is forward looking while the flag represents the difficulties the company has gone through in the past few years.

The presentation also showed off results for Secret World Legends and Conan Exiles. The biggest thing to note here was that SWL has had almost three times the number of actives players than The Secret World has since 2013. While they do expect the initial peak to drop they do expect retention to be higher than that of TSW. Given that they are still releasing “new content” it isn’t a surprise that new players would be retained and impressed by the frequency that content is released. The real test comes when they run out of TSW content. You can find the full presentation here

The Dev Stream was also a pretty info packed with news on a second legacy transfer, content updates and new features just to name some of the highlights. The next patch aims to have the New York Raid, it will also include a story mode for players who just want to experience the encounter. For people who just want to fight the big bad on Elite and above it is now possible to skip straight to the final battle, avoiding all the trash mobs on the way. The update will also include Lair Mega Bosses. These encounters are triggered in Agartha (where the Whispering Tide took place) and are available for up to 40 players. The system prioritises players in your raid group and cabal so you shouldn’t find yourself locked out of your own instance. Each of these will come with new loot drops including signets.

Talking of new things a new Cache is on its way. Soon you’ll see the Infernal Cache stop dropping to be replaced with one that has a more Cyberpunk feeling cache. It seems there’s also been some tweaking done to the way clothing drops. You’ll have a chance to get part of the outfit every time you open a cache. On one hand, this is good if you only want a particular item but for those completionists out there this could cause trouble and a lot of frustration. Hopefully, the items will be tradable on the Auction House meaning that you can complete your collection if you aren’t lucky enough to get the items in time. They took the chance to reiterate that caches would not be returning although recoloured versions of some clothing and pets may be available in the future.

A second legacy transfer is set to happen a little later this month. It will allow players a chance to transfer any clothing items they may have gained in The Secret World since they linked their account the first time. This is especially useful for players who took advantage of the transfer on day one. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you have a subscription or Grandmaster status in TSW you’ll still be getting Bonus Points. These don’t transfer but the items you buy with them do. So get spending. You can only take advantage of the second transfer if you used the first one and you need to have claimed the items on the character. If you buy them through the web version of the store they will just sit waiting to be claimed and won’t be transferred.

Keeping the shiny new things ball rolling, it was announced that a new emotes window will soon be added to the game. This will make it easier to find your favourite dances and other emotes. It will still show the chat command for each emote but will provide a quick and easy way to access them all. They’re hoping to add more emotes as time goes on. It was also announced that the gear manager is coming along nicely. It still requires some testing though. They are also working on adding some of the missing Tokyo missions (Kurt for example) and are progressing well on the final parts of Tokyo. You can find the full Dev Stream here

Moving away from the Dev Stream, Funcom announced that they rolled out their phase of Twitch integration. This allows affiliate streamers to link their Twitch accounts and when someone in their chat purchases Aurum via their stream they get a kick back. Players who purchase Aurum in this way will also get an exclusive Twitch drop containing clothing, chat emotes and other items. There’s no financial benefit to you as a purchaser but you are helping to support the streamer (don’t forget Darkinsanites streams SWL every Sunday between 8pm-11pm BST 😉 ).

And finally a note of caution. Funcom recently noted that there were Aurum sellers making trouble in the economy. They’ve quickly worked to ban and remove all the accounts but it’s quite likely that they resurface. Funcom made a point of warning players that it takes a strong stance against this kind of activity and in almost all instances they have encountered the sellers were using stolen card details to make transactions. You can read the full announcement here.

Phew. That was a busy week. How smoothly will the roll out of the raid and mega bosses go? Will the new caches be well received? Will Kurt ever find his way back to his tank in Tokyo? Who knows. Until next week have fun and stay safe in the Secret World.

Kle used to write for The Secret Podcast. Then he broke it. Now he’s been given a space to vent. People may regret it. You can find him in SWL as Kle or on Twitter as @Kle_Sanctaury.

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