Cleaning Up The Poop

By the time you read this Flappy will have gone. We will encounter it again, but the Raid will not return for some time if the current road-map is anything to go by. In this article I’m going to take a look at Flappy and Tokyo and Johnny Depp (Yes, you read that right).

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, Flappy was full of bugs when it first came out (and not the expected type). They were quickly sorted but it is concerning that a raid that has existed before could be so faulty. Back in 2013 there were issues, which were resolved, but this is the second time this event has been run. Not only that but the raid itself has been a ten man for some time. Large scale errors like these should not have been allowed to occur. Other issues came in the form of the custodial relics. These were a daily login reward but were only redeemable once per account. They issued clothing, pets, sprints and titles. Unfortunately they weren’t account wide, meaning that if you had any other characters your chances of completing an outfit or getting a pet on them was slim to none. We can hope that Funcom will retroactively make the rewards account wide, but since the event is unlikely to be repeated that seems doubtful.

Moving away from missed clothing items and onto new horizons. The fights against Flappy have not been in vain. We have been working to open the Tokyo portal and it should now be open for all who have completed the Transylvania storyline (including the Nursery). The recent dev stream made it clear that while AEGIS was gone, it wasn’t forgotten. In fact there would be areas in the story where we would be required to find ways around the shields. However it appears from a playstyle perspective you no longer have to worry about changing shields or grinding exp. I have to say with the simplification of combat and the grind that has been added to gear I’m disappointed to see the loss of AEGIS. The mechanic itself was not bad. Just difficult to upgrade. If that had been altered (so that dungeons weren’t required to upgrade past a certain level and the exp gain was faster) it would have been fine. Most people used a mod to switch shields, which could have been added into the base game. Unfortunately (at time of writing) we’ve yet to see how AEGIS works in SWL. Time will tell if it is an improvement or if it allows people to roflstomp over the area.

In lighter news, Funcom announced that Johnny Depp’s film studio has brought the rights to The Secret World and has a pilot written with people ready to produce a show. According to the original article, the company has been working with Funcom since 2013. Currently there aren’t further details and the show doesn’t even have a title or IMDB page yet, but it could prove interesting. It will also give Funcom another reason to keep the Secret World universe alive and kicking.

Last but not least we want to hear from you. If you have an event or show that you’d like us to highlight please get in touch. You can either reply directly here or poke Kle @Kle_Sanctuary. We’d love to have more community based stuff here instead of just me moaning about how broken I am… Wait….

Kle used to write for The Secret Podcast. Then he broke it. Now he’s been given a space to vent. People may regret it. You can find him in SWL as Kle or on Twitter as @Kle_Sanctaury.

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