Conan Exiles server choices

OK. So more out of curiosity than anything right now, I’ve been looking into prices of different server hosts. I’m not actively planning to move anything at the moment, but I thought I’d put all of this here so you can see what is happening.I’ve tried to keep these selections as close to what we currently have as possible. Where I mention FTP, this would be necessary to transfer saved data across. It’s not absolutely necessary, but without it, we’d be making a completely fresh start.

Currently, we are on PingPerfect, 20 slots in London, costing £72 semi-annually, including FTP access.

Fragnet has a minimum of 30 slots, and is currently out of servers in London and France. The nearest is either Frankfurt or Amsterdam. Possibly Stockholm (insert hostage joke here). This would be £117 semi-annually. FTP is not specified.

HostHavoc is most closely based in France, but obviously the French are a bit weird, so take that as you will. 20 slots semi-anually, would cost £75, but again, I’m not sure about the FTP.

Survival Servers can offer 20 slots, most closely located in France or Germany, and would offer full FTP access, so we can try and copy the data across. This would cost £68 semi-annually.

Gaming Deluxe offer a minimum of 30 slots, in the UK, costing £76, but I don’t know about FTP.

Gameservers offer 20 slots in London, with full FTP, costing about £74.

If you’re wondering why I’ve included locations, this is because this is a game I’m gonna be streaming a lot of, and the closer the server is to me, the less lag, and better stream it will be. I’d therefore prefer to have something in London.

Thoughts on the back of a postcard.Thoughs

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