Extra Life 2016!

Extra Life is fast approaching, now only three weeks away! Once again, I’ll be streaming for 24 hours in aid of Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Hospital Network. I’m planning to be playing several games, and below I’ve set out my approximate timetable.

But I’m not the only one who is playing games for Extra Life. I’m team leader for Team Sanctuary, and we’re going to be playing The Secret World to raise money from there too!

Team Sanctuary

Auroris (DarkInsanities) – Gin SynrioKleMatrix Muse (MatrixMuse)

The Dark Insanities Extra Life Schedule

Saturday 5th

11:00 – Starting with Overwatch
12:30 – 13:00 – The Secret World
21:00 – 21:30 – Finishing the day with Overwatch

Sunday 6th

11:00 – Starting with Talisman
Mid afternoon – Continuing with Move or Die, Town of Salem & Jackbox Party Pack.

The times shown are start times.

There MAY be some Cards Against Humanity, because that game is clearly appropriate for a charity stream in aid of sick kids.

My initial goal this year is to reach $200 by the end of the stream, but I’m optimistic about getting more, so I’ve set myself some ‘forfeits’ for reaching my goals.

If I reach my initial target of $200, then I’ll be getting a haircut, for the first time in several years. I can’t get it shaved completely or dye it, unfortunately I can’t get away with that at work, but I will get a nice short cut. If you’ve seen me streaming, you probably know how long my hair is, and how significant this is. That’s right, you sacrifice your money to Extra Life, and I sacrifice my luscious locks.

Kle and Jennet have somehow colluded to bully me into playing World of Warcraft on Jennet’s stream, with Kle, Wahoozerman and the Otterspawn. If I reach $400, then I will stream my side of the trauma as well.

If by some miracle of awesomeness I should raise $600, then other things happen. Much earlier this year, someone suggested that I should wear a MLP onesie or t-shirt. It won’t be during the actual Extra Life stream, but will be at a good time soon after, probably one of my bigger streams. If we hit this goal before the WoW stream, then they will both happen together.

There are some smaller forfeits as well. I’ve ordered in some beans, which could taste of anything, likely not pleasant, and for every $5 donated during the streams, I’ll eat one on camera for the purposes of your entertainment.

We’ll also take on some of the more traumatic and painful missions in exchange for donations.

All of this is subject to being updated nearer the time as plans curdle into solidified chaos. If you’re wanting to come along with me to any of these games or anything, then just give me a yell.