Give some Extra Life this Christmas

I have some copies of games to give away this Christmas, however I’m a horrible person, so I’m not going to just give them away. Instead, I’m going to have an auction, with the proceeds going to Extra Life. So, this is how things are going to work.

Every Thursday until Christmas, there will be a vote in chat on which game will be given away that day. There will then be an auction. You can all bid with how much you want the game. The winner will have to donate that much to my Extra Life page, and when I see the donation, you’ll get the game.

Full details will be provided in the streams, and you can always ask me for more details. As for the games I’ll be giving away, well, they are listed below.

I hope to see you all at the auction to raise more money for Extra Life!

And yes, these donations will count for beans.

Life is Strange – Complete Series
Planet Coaster
Stardew Valley

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