Holiday Update!

Hey guys!

So, as you will probably know, I really hate having to miss any stream for any reason. I totally have not been known to bail on work socials and the like because I enjoy streaming way more.

Having said that, I’m going on holiday.

That’s right, you’re going to be without my dulcet tones and ruggedly handsome looks for an entire week.

Now, to specifics:

Saturday 10th June: There may be a stream on Saturday afternoon. It depends on how much packing I still need to do. If there’s anything, then it will most likely be Overwatch.

Sunday 11th June – Saturday 17th June: There isn’t going to be anything getting played here. My computer isn’t going with me on holiday. My phone is though, so you can still look for me on Discord and Twitter for stuff.

Sunday 18th June: We’re returning home today. I’m not sure what time we get home, so there may be a stream on Sunday evening. I may also be catching up on all the things, so stay tuned.

Monday 19th June: I’ll be back streaming as normal today!

As mentioned though, I’ll be around on Twitter and Discord, so I won’t drop off the face of the earth. I hope everyone will stick around for me when I get back!

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