Moving up in the world

So, yesterday, I got this email from Twitch. This morning, I am a Twitch Affiliate!

So happy!

So, for those who don’t actually know what Twitch’s Affiliate program is, that’s probably because it’s new. Basically it’s (less than) half-way between being a partner, and not. Program is still a work in development, but so far, people can now use bits and cheer in my channel. Which is awesome. I feel I should sort of clarify here, I’m not gonna go chasing after cheers. If people want to cheer, then that’s nice. If people don’t want to cheer, that’s also fine.

In other news, I’ve not actually updated this site properly for a while (meaning to try and fix that), but I’m very very happy that I am now streaming daily, sometimes twice, which I love doing.

Also, I had my birthday this week.

All in all, good times recently (ISP not withstanding).

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming to watch, you guys are awesome.

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