New Points, New Games

So, Tuesday was an auspicious day. I’m not sure what auspices specifically, I haven’t fondled any entrails recently. A few things happened though. Kle has released his first post on the site. I can just tell I’m going to regret letting him do this, but I’ve not been sued so far. We finished Watch_Dogs 2 on Tuesday as well, new game news is included here. Also, everything in chat costs points now.

I’ll take these one at a time. I get confused enough as it is. Before that though, a quick note that there will be no stream on Thursday 10th because I’ve been invited to a BBQ that involves free food so how can I say no.

So, firstly. Kle is writing a thing, it’s going to eventually get me sued by Funcom, but basically everything he used to not write for The Secret Podcast is now gonna go here, under the new and extremely wordy and specific title of Insane in the Secret World. Note the lack of capital T in the. That’s important. You should go read it. Or, if you really don’t care about Secret World Legends, then don’t. I’m good either way, though you may ruthlessly crush Kle’s self-esteem. Unless your name is Ruth.

Moving on. Rapidly.

Watch_Dogs 2 has been completed. Wonderful game, so much fun just taking the piss and blowing stuff up. Or not, that’s why it’s fun. There is DLC, which I may come back to for occasional streams, but for now, as a regular thing, Watch_Dogs 2 is over.

Moving forward, I will be playing DOOM tomorrow (Saturday afternoon), but if I haven’t finished it by the end of the stream, then I’ll be moving it to Tuesdays until it’s done.

Once it is, and Tuesdays are available again, I’m going to be moving to an old game that I originally owned on the PlayStation 2, that has been re-released to PS4. Introducing: Dark Cloud. Can confirm: this probably isn’t what happens when FFVII characters turn evil.

Lastly, there are points in the channel again. They’re basically there for fun. Regulars will get a steady stream of points, subscribers will get a steadier stream of points, plus bulk bonuses when subbing or re-subbing. Everyone will also get additional batches of points if they’re active in chat. Points are distributed every 10 minutes, and if you’ve been active in chat during that period, you’ll get extra points.

The payout is relatively high, and the games are low effort. Try using !slot, !roll, !roulette, !gamble or !adventure, and thing thing thing something albatross. You’ll need to specify how many points you want to use when gambling or with an adventure.

I’m in the process of updating the bot page so that it will show all the stuff, but that’s not actually done yet. Hopefully there will also soon be a page to show every quote in the bot, and everyone’s points.

Lastly, all the points will get reset every month, so there won’t be too much inflation of people having masses of points, while others have none.

I’ll try and find something interesting to write about next week. Laterz!

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