Off-Schedule Bad News

So, this is a little off-schedule for my regular posts. I do, however, have some bad news.

Over the last day or so, the server has been experiencing massive memory leaks, leading to repeated crashes and general bad-ness. Having raised a support ticket with the wonderfully helpful people at GameServers, they were able to identify that there was a memory leak somewhere in the server. As the server itself was not affected, the only solution they could offer was to fully wipe and reinstall the server.

I have been able to restore the server to it’s state at the last update, about a month ago, however when I went back in to test it, the memory issues were still happening. As a result, there are no further options to save the world, so the only thing for it is to wipe the server. For now, I’ve left the server running, and it will restart every day at noon (BST). Once the patch on Wednesday is released, I will do a full wipe of the whole thing and reinstall the server from scratch.

Unfortunately, this will mean that all world and character data will be lost, and everyone will have to start from scratch.

I’m very sorry that everyone has lost the really awesome buildings and settlements that they’ve spent so long working on, but I hope that people will restart their game with us again. I’ll have things up and running as soon as possible after the patch, but there may be a delay while I reconfigure the settings and so on. For the first week or so, I’ll make sure that thing levels are higher, to help people get running quickly, before I return them to our normal levels.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @DarkInsanities, or on Discord, if you have any questions or comments. You can also email at exiles@darkinsanities.com.

I hope to see as much awesome construction in the winterlands as we did in the desert.

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Galactrix says:

You can look at it as a relaunch and call the new server “Dark Insanities: Legends”

Auroris says:


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