Old Money, New Zone

Apologies for the delay. I slept through Tuesday. #BlameKle. This week has seen a relatively smooth rollout of the first of three areas of Kaidan. It also brought with it the chance to get your hands on some Aurum and a new community Mod.

First though we got to experience the first new Scenario in years. You are challenged to defend Agartha from an oncoming Filth invasion. While it is refreshing to see a new scenario I have a few issues with the design of this particular one. Unlike a traditional scenario, if you die or fall off the platform you fail. Yet there is no indication that you have done so as you are transported to the start pad to run back into the arena. Secondly there is a lot going on. More than in your typical Tokyo fight. It took me two days to complete it in all purple gear (although other people have done it in blues and greens), with the main issue for me being the time it was taking for me to beat the bosses in a tank build. As for the announcer… I miss our sarcastic lady friend. She felt like she was actually watching and judging you. Sadly this new announcer is… robotic. This may be fitting given that the scenario is supposed to be a simulation but he doesn’t quite hit the mark on so many points. Of course that’s just my opinion. Hopefully this Scenario will make an appearance in the routine Scenario lineup. Once you’ve rescued Agartha you do get to progress with the story though. Eventually leading to Tokyo.

Ahhh Tokyo. How we love the cherry blossom in the springtime. Except all is not as we remember. Anyone who has been to Kaidan before will notice a few major differences. The monsters on this side of the wall contain no AEGIS. Their health has been adjusted however, and if you found your fights taking a while in Transylvania you may want to check your build and equipment before making the trip to Tokyo. You’ll also notice that some missions are either not present or are have been heavily adjusted to make up for the lack of AEGIS. Sadly Kurt in his tank is AFK as a result of these changes. Currently you can progress as far as finding a way through the wall, but you won’t have to wait too long to explore.

Funcom have not just been busy with Tokyo. They’ve also been busy with your old money. Back at launch it was promised that if you had Funcom points in The Secret World you’d be able to transfer them into Aurum in Secret World Legends. It was announced this week that players could finally boost their Aurum balance. Under your SWL account there is now an option to transfer your existing balance into SWL. It’s not a point for point transfer and works out at 12FC points to 10 Aurum. You have until the start of September to complete the transfer. You can find out more information here.

And on a happy note RolePlayers are happy with a new mod that has been released. A short while back the owner or TSWRP Mod which allowed users to see a brief profile about each other announced that the site used to store all the information was shutting down. Thankfully a new mod has taken the mantal. SWRP allows you to create a brief bio and history for other users to see. It is continually adding features but has already been well revived by players. You can find out more about the mod (and how to install it) here.

Kle used to write for The Secret Podcast. Then he broke it. Now he’s been given a space to vent. People may regret it. You can find him in SWL as Kle or on twitter as Kle_Sanctaury

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