Schedule Updates & Conan Exiles!

So, my schedule is changing up a little bit for the near future and beyond. Also, Conan Exiles has been released, and there will be some (a lot) of stuff with that.

So, to start, my schedule will be changing.

Thursdays will still be party night, but Fridays are now going to be a regular Conan Exiles stream. More on Conan below.

Saturdays, I’ve recently started streaming regularly on Saturday afternoons. I’m mostly aiming to find lots of smaller/shorter games that I can play, that I can complete in 10 hours or less. Suggestions are welcome.

Saturday evening, I’m now playing Final Fantasy XV, and I’m really enjoying it so far. That’ll be continuing on Saturday evenings for some time!

Sunday afternoons are much like Saturday afternoons in many ways. Specifically, short games streamed for a weekend or two.

Sunday evenings, I’ll be starting a new series of The Secret World. Along with friends, including HinTFishy and Kle, we’ll be starting the game from the very beginning. All new characters, all new death.

Mondays, I’m currently playing Starcraft II, and I’ll be continuing to work my way through the whole campaign there.

Tuesdays will continue to be Talisman!

On alternate Wednesdays, I’ll be streaming something in the afternoon. This is likely to end up being Overwatch or Conan Exiles.

Wednesday evenings, I may start streaming something in the evening too. Not sure what yet.

Conan Exiles has been released, and I’ll be playing a lot of it! I’ve got an all day stream or two planned right at release, and there’ll be regular streams of it on Fridays too.

I’m also hosting a server for it, and people are welcome to join us. It’s not entirely open, people will have to ask nicely for the password, but I’m hoping that you’ll join me on the trip. Full details of that can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming to watch me stream!


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