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I’ve already seen a lot of Sheltered, from watching IGP‘s YouTube channel, so I wasn’t going into this game completely blind. Having said that, I didn’t really expect to survive all that long. It turns out, I’m a lot better at this than I expected.

For a quick introduction to the game, the world, or at least your little part of it, has become a nuclear wasteland. Your family has found a shelter, and you have some of the basics. From there, you just have to survive.

When I say they just have to survive, all you need to take care of is their hunger and thirst needs, their need for sleep, plus hygiene and bladder needs. So it’s simple. Only, you have limited water and food supplies, no beds, showers or toilets built, and all sorts of things and people just waiting for a chance to kill you. In addition, you’re looking for things to improve your quality of life, and chances of survival. You can expand, and eventually start generating your own food and water, at least if you actually remember to water your seeds.

It’s very easy though, for things to get messy very fast. I regularly send out a team on an expedition, only to find myself in a bit if a drought, and my home crew start getting very thirsty. This happened repeatedly, however by the end I was somewhat self-sufficient.

When it came to ways of getting my family killed, I got started within the first few days. I chose a pet snake, named after friend and fellow streamer Banewreaker, and unfortunately, he was quite hard to see on the floor of the shelter sometimes, so I may have forgotten to feed him as much as I should have. He tasted delicious though.

After that little mishap though, I managed to keep everyone alive for well over 100 days, before a little incident regarding a protection racket, some blunt force trauma, and some bleeding out. Long story short, both the kids died.

As a result of this, and needing meat shields to send out on expeditions, I allowed another person into my bunker. Now I’m just praying that they don’t turn out to be a psychopath and kill everyone.

I reached a point in this game, where I was basically entirely self-sufficient. The game no longer felt challenging, and was no longer fun to play or watch on stream. So we ran a vote, and decided to end the LP there. As I understand it, there’s an option to actually completely move bunkers, but I never did that, and that might provide additional end-game challenge.

This is a fun game, until you’d done all the things, then things can become boring rather fast. Still, I enjoyed it, especially the bit where we got the kids killed.