Steaming Piles of Flappy

This week saw an influx of new players from the Steam community. So many new bees and existing bees returning to Steam. Naturally there were issues. Players discovered that if they had owned TSW on Steam in the past they were no longer able to use the Secret World Legends client provided by Funcom and needed to either change their account or download an entirely new launcher through Steam. There was also issues where Steam wasn’t recognising Patron Status (or was charging people twice for subscriptions). Funcom very quickly resolved these issues and gave affected Steam users compensation in the form of Anima Shards, SP and AP and other small perks.

The Steam launch also saw two special packs available exclusively to Steam users as well as the rewards from the pre-launch ARG Kiss of the Revenant. Each available for real money, they had unique clothing and discounted Aurum, or in the case of the ARG bundle the weapons. The fact that Funcom hasn’t at least matched the sale with something similar for its own (non-Steam) users has left quite a few people a little frustrated. It’s not the best of moves either, as leaving out a large portion of your playerbase that may have spent money on the offer is not a great start to the Free to Play market.

But enough of Marketing 101. Flappy made himself (or herself) known this week. Oh and what an experience that has been. At first the instance wasn’t completable by the majority of raids. It turns out that Flappy’s hit points were too high. Within an hour of the event starting Flappy was quickly neutered. That was only the start of Flappy’s woes though. The Area of Effect attack that Flappy does should kill anyone still on the lower platform. Except it wasn’t doing a thing and people were just ignoring the mechanics. A hotfix later, and Flappy had some bite back but a new problem had reared its ugly head. Zuberi wasn’t purging the Filth stacks from players who went up to kill the spider. Unless you had a purge, once you’d killed the spider you were pretty much dead. Another hot fix and Zuberi had brushed up on his skills and (at time of writing) the raid is now working as into.

A few people have said that the instance is now easier than the previous version in The Secret World. With the Equal Footing buff there is a certain level of difficulty removed as it’s less about the player’s damage output and more about the players ability adapt, however the fact that all players (including people who have literally just arrived in Kingsmouth) can participate makes it much more inclusive and also brings the community together. In terms of the event itself I’m sad to see that the earlier Whispering Tide dungeons were not included and there is just two weeks of killing Flappy. The TSW version at least had a build up and gave people something to work towards. This feels rushed and a little bit of a let down. The addition of a buff allowing you to open a cache after each fight is a smart idea and is very good at encouraging people to participate in the raid. The fact that the caches are only available once per account means that anyone who has alts will find themselves frustrated at having to pick which character is getting the rewards. I hope this is something Funcom rectifies in future events.

For now the tide seems to be turning and soon we’ll find the path to Tokyo clear. Just remember to pay attention when Zuberi yells instructions. In the meantime stay safe and have fun in Secret World Legends.



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