We Wish You An Auro Christmas…

OK, maybe that title was a bit of a lie, because I’m not sure I can inflict myself on anyone like that at Christmas. Except my family, but that’s their call, not mine. This is a quick bit of information about my streaming schedule for Christmas and the New Year.

22nd – I am out for my work dinner here, so the stream may start late, or not at all, depending on time and things. If there is a stream, it will be Party Night of some form.

23rd – This will be a special stream, where I will be doing a live list of my Top 10 Games that I have ever played. It will be interactive, so you will all be able to give me shit over my choices and so on, but this is what is happening then. Many times, I have been asked what my favourite game ever is. In this place, on this stream, I will actually have to come up with an answer. Crap.

24th-28th – Much though I might like to deny it, I do have a family, and I will be visiting them.

29th – I will be back, with a special party stream of Cards Against Humanity. Invites and the like will be sent out nearer the time. Probably on the day. If you’re lucky, then it will be over half an hour in advance.

30th – I’m trying a game I’ve recently picked up, and have never played before. Cities: Skylines

31st – I’ll be back your regular Saturday content, which means Final Fantasy X. It’s nearly over, and so we’ll soon be into FFX-2!

1st – I have no idea what I will be playing on New Year’s Day.

From this point on, I’ll be back to my regular streaming schedule.

Have a very merry Christmas!

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